Why Acknowledgements?

I started this Substack to share my thoughts on communication in business. I teach improv and more to leaders and teams to enhance their creative and collaborative skills.

My first business book was about people skills https://neilmullarkey.com/sevensteps.

Then in 2023, my book, In The Moment, came out, with pretty much all I had learned in a quarter of a century of ‘management training’.

Then in 2024, I started a monthly Linked In newsletter, All That Mullarkey

I have been teaching improv and other skills to businesses across the world since the turn of the century. I have been performing with London Comedy Store Players since 1985.

These two strands of work have taken me to lots of places. I have met fascinating people.

I always turn first to the Acknowledgements page in a book. Who does the author want to thank? Who has helped them in the massive endeavour that is getting a book published?

What will you get?

An occasional missive sharing stories about the people and places that have shaped over the last, um, many decades.

Paid subscribers?

No. I can’t promise to deliver regularly and the payment system that Substack use (Stripe) was so unworkable I stopped.

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Acknowledging the people, places and moments that have made me who I am - whether in my work in showbiz or in teaching communication skills.


Improviser, communication expert, author. New book coming June 2023 bit.ly/InTheMomentBook. Comedy Store Player. Two Austin Powers movies. Global speaker on leadership, collaboration and creativity. Author '7 Steps to Improve Your People Skills'.